Electrocautery (burning)/ Radiofrequency ablation

Surgical electrocauterization is a common practise. Warts, skin tags, and moles are examples of aberrant tissue growth that a doctor can remove in a single appointment by heating the tissue with electricity.

How Electrocauterization therapyworks?

The procedure of electrocauterization is regarded as minor surgery. If the sting becomes too much for you to bear, you might request a local anaesthetic. A little probe with a weak electric current running through it will be used by your doctor to cut or remove the tissue. Do not be concerned; during surgery, no electric current will enter your body. Tissue only comes into contact with the hot probe tip. The tissue it touches is destroyed by the heat. Typically, sutures are not required.

The size of the treated area and the amount of tissue removed will determine how long it takes for you to recuperate after treatment. In most cases, healing happens in two weeks. If a significant area of tissue needs to be treated, it might take longer.

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