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Get rid of tanned skin and gain glowing beautiful skin! Now you can achieve this with the skin tan treatment in kochi. Achieve healthy appealing skin by choosing us. Our specialists will examine your skin tan and propose the right treatment.

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Cosmique’s Approach to Remove Skin Tanning 

Tanning is one of the most common beauty concerns. People exposed to sunlight, such as those spending more time outdoors or employed in fieldwork, are more prone to skin tan. It is the method adopted by the body to protect the skin from the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. We provide advanced techniques for skin tan removal in Kochi using approved treatment methods.
Our specialists study the skin type prior to suggesting the sun tan removal technique. The process would be implemented through a proven methodology. This systematic approach has been the reason for the efficacy of our skin tan removal treatment. Each individual’s skin condition differs depending on the degree of sunlight exposure, the type of job they are employed in (skin damage would be more when working in a dusty environment outdoors), etc.

Body areas that are commonly affected by skin tan are:

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Neck, Nape

We have a team of professionals for rendering the best skin tan removal procedures. They would examine the skin-tanned area and suggest the way forward. For a specialised skin tan treatment in Kochi, arrive at Cosmique today.

chemical-peelsSkin Tan Treatments We Offer

We have been the leading experts in skin tan removal in Kochi. The specialised treatments we offer include:

Chemical Peel: Chemical peel is one of the most effective and most popular skin tan treatments in Kochi. Compounds from natural resources are used for chemical peel. In this skin tan removal method, the epidermis is removed through peeling. Better collagen production and skin revitalization are also the effects of the chemical peel process.

    Laser Toning: Laser Toning is another method used for skin tan removal in Kochi. We have been using Q Switched NDYAG Laser and other laser toning methods. Harmless laser rays are used for laser toning techniques. The laser particles are absorbed by the skin, leading to the fragmentation of skin tan. Consequently, skin tan removal occurs. For more info on this skin tan removal in kochi, do connect with us.  

    Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (Vampire Facial): Microneedling with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or Vampire Facial is becoming highly popular for skin tan removal in Kochi. In this method, platelets separated from the blood taken from the individual are applied on the tanned area like the face.

    Mesotherapy: A method similar to acupuncture, Mesotherapy is done on the middle layer of the skin. Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and some enzymes are injected into the middle skin layer. Thus reducing sun tan on the area. Cosmique has been providing this skin tan treatment in Kochi effectively for years.  


    Highlights of Our Treatment

    Factors that underscore why we are the number one in treatment for tan removal are:

    • Expert team: Proficient team with a matchless record of accomplishment.
    • Successful track record: We gained prominence through exceptional treatment results.
    • Affordable treatment packages: Forget exorbitant charges when you choose us for skin tan treatment in Kochi.
    • Positive word-of-the-mouth publicity: We ride on the positive wave created by our happy clients.

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    Why Choose Cosmique?why-cosmique

    Experience and expertise are the two key elements you must consider while checking skin tan removal in Kochi. Lack of knowledge and experience can lead to ineffective sun tan removal, as well as, unforeseen side effects. Our approach has been quite different from others. We study the condition, skin type, and other relevant factors meticulously before commencing the treatment.

    The methodical approach, gaining optimal results, made us the number one in skin tan treatment in Kochi. We assure you:

    • Highly effective skin tan removal that delivers you clean skin without the evidence of tanning.
    • Regain the glow and beauty of the skin with our experts undertaking the treatment technique using globally proven equipment and methodologies.
    • Proper assessment of skin conditions and the person’s skin characteristics to ensure the best treatment.
    • Dedicated to rendering the best cosmetic and skin tan treatment in Kochi, we guarantee you optimal results.

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