Hypertrichosis/ Excess Hair Growth

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Hypertrichosis, often dubbed “werewolf syndrome,” stands out as an uncommon health condition, notable for unusual and excessive hair growth in areas normally devoid of such growth. This disorder manifests in two primary forms. When congenital, it appears from birth, often rooted in genetic factors. This form of hypertrichosis might occur as an isolated condition or as part of a broader syndrome that includes additional symptoms.

Cosmique provides laser hair removal in Kochi with sophisticated approaches to effectively manage this condition. Hypertrichosis can caused by various reasons, including medications, metabolic disorders, or malignancies. The hair growth associated with hypertrichosis is usually extensive and covers large areas of the body, significantly differing from typical patterns of hirsutism, which is hormone-induced hair growth.

What Causes Hypertrichosis?

The reason for hypertrichosis depends on if it is congenital or acquired. Inherited congenital hypertrichosis is often linked to genetic mutations affecting hair growth regulation. These genetic alterations can lead to unusually extensive hair growth from birth. Conversely, acquired hypertrichosis develops due to a variety of reasons unrelated to heredity. It can appear as a secondary symptom in some cancer cases. Each type of hypertrichosis has distinct causes, affecting hair growth patterns in different ways. The cause is sometimes undetermined. This condition affects hair follicles across the body, leading to excessive hair growth that is not typical for the individual’s age, sex, or race.

Cosmetic Procedures We Offer

Our clinic offers a number of cosmetic procedures to make you look confident. Cosmique provides a specialised IPL treatment, for treating this overgrown hair condition. By providing quality laser hair removal in Kochi, we make sure that our clients get relief from unwanted hair growth. The light energy from IPL damages the follicles and acts as an effective hair-removing remedy by inhibiting the ability to grow hair from the roots. IPL therapy is a flexible intervention that employs broad-spectrum radiation for treating various types of conditions such as age marks, sun damage, freckles etc.

Even though multiple sessions are often needed for successful hair growth reduction, it is generally a safe and efficacious procedure and prior consultation is important. before selecting IPL or any other treatment method.At our clinic, we prioritize the safety and success of our cosmetic solutions. Our commitment to helping clients achieve their desired aesthetic results makes us the best choice for laser hair removal in Kochi.

why-cosmiqueWhy choose Cosmique for Hypertrichosis Treatment in Kochi?

Choosing Cosmique for hypertrichosis treatment¬† offers numerous advantages. As a leading institution in skin and hair care, our clinic facilitates the best services with modern equipment and cutting-edge treatments. We have a team of skilled professionals who provide treatments that are efficient, safe, and appropriate to the person’s condition. They also have a compassionate way of ensuring that clients feel comfortable and well-oriented in all stages of the treatment process.

We have a holistic approach towards every condition that we treat by ensuring that we address every single aspect of the condition. We address the underlying problems and provide long-term solutions rather than short-term remedies. We guide and emotionally support clients as they work through the physical and psychological processes involved in their recovery process.

Our clinic in Kochi is conveniently located and offers flexible appointment scheduling, making it easy for clients to access our services. By choosing Cosmique, you’re opting for a blend of expert care, advanced treatments, and a supportive environment, all essential for effective hypertrichosis management. Visit Cosmique Skin Clinic for the best hypertrichosis treatment and laser hair removal in Kochi.

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