Eyebrow Tattooing vs Microblading: Know the Difference

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Eyebrows are important in both scientific and cosmetic aspects of our facial features. Shape, fullness, and symmetry, in addition to their practical purpose, contribute to facial balance, accentuate the eyes, and offer a delicate framing for the upper face.Understanding the significance of well-maintained Eyebrows, people have used a variety of techniques to guarantee their Eyebrows are continuously trendy and flawlessly formed. 

Microblading and eyebrow tattooing have grown in popularity in recent years among both men and women seeking an option for perfectly shaped Eyebrows. Check out the major difference between Eyebrow tattooing vs microblading before you choose one.

What is Microblading?

Microblading involves using a set of needles to make fine incisions in the skin and deposit pigment in the dermal-epidermal junction. This manual technique, which is usually conducted by an esthetician, begins with a thorough examination and mapping of the client’s Eyebrows. Microblading mimics the natural appearance of existing Eyebrows with precise strokes, resulting in a wonderfully natural look.

Microblading has grown in popularity since roughly 2010 and continues to get broad attention. Influencers and celebrities have played an important role in promoting microblading, helping it to become one of the most sought-after eyebrow treatments.

  • Semi-Permanent Nature

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent cosmetics categorized as both a tattoo and permanent makeup. Unlike traditional permanent eyebrow tattoos, the results of microblading typically endure for six months to a year. With easy “touch-up” treatments once a year, individuals can maintain their enhanced Eyebrows, affording them the flexibility to alter their forehead’s appearance gradually.

This technique offers semi-permanence within the realm of tattoos and permanent cosmetics. Unlike conventional tattoos, the pigments used in microblading gradually fade over time. This attribute is a major draw, allowing people to seamlessly adapt to evolving trends and significantly save time during their daily routines by eliminating the need for extensive morning Eyebrowcare.

What is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Although eyebrow tattooing and microblading are sometimes misunderstood, they are independent treatments with substantial differences. Eyebrow tattooing is the permanent application of ink into the dermis using both manual and machine procedures, and it is classified into three categories:

  • Hair Stroke or Feathered Eyebrows : Similar to microblading, this procedure uses cosmetic tattooing to replicate the appearance of real hair. It produces lush, feather-like, even, delicate, and beautifully arched Eyebrows. The strokes, however, are not as fine or crisp as those achieved with microblading.
  • Soft or Powdered Eyebrow : Recommended for individuals with oily or mature skin, this style creates a soft makeup look. The Eyebrow is darker at the tail and gradually fades to a lighter colour at the beginning, giving the Eyebrow a filled-in appearance and a subtle appearance.
  • Hard or Crisp Eyebrow : This style is often seen as the conventional tattooed Eyebrow, with crisp, defined lines that resemble a permanent version of an Eyebrow pencil or marker. As a result, your Eyebrows will be bold and well-defined.

Eyebrow Tattooing vs Microblading: How Do They Differ?


Semi-Permanent vs. Permanent

Microblading: This semi-permanent procedure involves the injection of pigment at the dermal-epidermal junction. It disappears with time, usually between 12 and 18 months, however, individual cases may differ. Age, skin type, hormone balance, and pre-existing medical issues can all have an impact on its duration. Microblading can last up to two to three years with adequate care.

Eyebrow Tattooing: In contrast, Eyebrow tattooing is permanent. The ink is injected deep into the dermis, a non-shedding layer of skin. As a result, the tattooed Eyebrows are designed to be permanent unless removed using tattoo removal treatments.

Definition and Shape vs. Fullness and Thickness

Microblading is mostly used to define and shape existing Eyebrows. The fine strokes are intended to replicate real Eyebrows, providing a more delicate and natural appearance.Eyebrow tattooing is recommended for persons who want fullness and thickness in their Eyebrows, particularly in the middle Eyebrow area. Eyebrow tattoos create a bolder, more defined look and are appropriate for people who want to look more filled in.Microblading, known for its thin lines that mimic natural Eyebrows, goes through a special retention process. Microblading, as opposed to standard tattooing, uses a small amount of ink in the dermis, allowing for subtle changes over time. Fine lines can gradually fade over one to three years, giving a less uniform and lighter appearance.

Ink and Pigment Variations: Defining the Longevity

Microblading uses specialised pigments rather than standard tattoo ink. The major distinction is how long these compounds retain their colour. While tattoo ink may fade with a bluish-green hue, microblading pigments are designed to diminish gradually while maintaining a natural appearance. This colour retention over time is a distinguishing property of microblading.

Colour Stability

Traditional tattooing frequently sees ink fading to blue or Eyebrown tones over time. Microblading colours, on the other hand, tend to lighten rather than change hues. The proprietary ink used in microblading leads to a more stable and natural-looking colour that resists unwanted alterations.

Fading with Grace

While microbladed Eyebrows fade faster than typical tattoos, the method uses less ink and more subtle lines, resulting in a less visible and ugly appearance. Although natural, the fading of microblading ink maintains a harmonic and less obvious transition due to its precise application beneath the dermis.


Microblading and Eyebrow tattooing are two unique treatments, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Your preference between the two is determined by your specific demands and tastes. Regardless of the prospective cost, the investment in these procedures is frequently thought beneficial due to the dramatic effect they can have on your Eyebrows.

Choosing a dermatologist from Cosmique who specialises in microblading or a tattoo artist who specialises in Eyebrows and permanent cosmetics is essential. Requesting before-and-after images of former clients and reading reviews can provide valuable insights regarding their expertise and client contentment. 

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